Aikoku Maru 

             Truk Lagoon, FSM           



The Aikoku Maru was freighter and passenger ship for that was commandeered by the Japanese Imperial Navy to be a commerce raider. During the war she captured and sank several enemy ships.  The Aikoku Maru also functioned as a submarine tender, cargo, and troop transport ship. On the day of the attack, she was carrying various high explosives in her forward holds when US Navy Avenger attacked  the ship and dropped a bomb in the forward hold. The resulting explosion was so violent it destroyed the aircraft and blew the entire  forward part of the ship off.  The force explosion was so tremendous it set fires onshore and blew a depression in the lagoon bottom,  making it the deepest wreck in the lagoon.  The Aikoku Maru now sits upright and with her stern intact in 240 fsw.   

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