Kiyozumi Maru 

             Truk Lagoon, FSM           



The Kiyozumi Maru was built in 1934 as a freighter with luxurious passenger accommodations. The Japanese Navy took control of her in  1941 and converted her to an armed merchant raider. Her success as a raider was uneventful, so in 1943 she was reclassified as a transport. Her most noteworthy mission was as a troop carrier for invasion forces during the Battle of Midway.

During the war she was damaged by aircraft bombs and torpedoes from an American submarine.  She was towed to Truk for repairs at the time of the "Hailstone" attack. Although she had extensive damage from the submarine attack, it is believed that aerial bombs in her amidships superstructure and abeam Hold #2 finally sank her.  The Kiyozumi Maru still leaks diesel oil, whose odor can be noticed on the surface. She now lies in 100 fsw.

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