HIMJS NAGATO             

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HIMJS Nagato was a NAGATO Class Japanese battleship launched in November 1919. She was the first of her class and the first battleship to be armed with 16" guns. Nagato's fame comes from the fact she was Admiral Yamamoto's flagship and it was from her bridge that he heard his planned attack on Pearl Harbor had been launched. Although torpedoed in December of 1943, Nagato was the only Japanese battleship to survive the war. She was then transferred to the US as reparations and sunk in Operation Crossroads atom bomb tests 29 July 1946. 

The Nagato was severely damaged by Allied bombing and was barely floating in Tokyo Bay at war's end. Although repairs were made prior to her departure from Bikini, she nearly sank during the voyage. One of the more bizarre facts concerns a compartment of dead Japanese found during the repairs. Unable to remove the corpses, the compartment was sealed and are interred in Nagato to this day. 

Nagato was moored near the USS Arkansas during the Baker blast. The initial surge forced her over 400 yds. Damage to her keel, left her slowly sinking. After the sun set she rolled over and sank. The Flagship of the Imperial Japanese Fleet and the place were the Pearl Harbor attack was planned and ordered, now lies inverted in 160 fsw. 

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CLASS-NAGATO: Displacement: 42,893 tons standard; 42,753 tons. Dimensions: 738 x 108 x 31 feet. Screws: 4. Steam turbines, 10 boilers, 82,000 hp, 4 shafts, 25 knots: Armament: 4 dual 16.1/45, 18 5.5/40, 4 dual 5/50, 20 25 mm. Final AA armament was 98- 25 mm with 16 5.5/50. Armor: 4-12 inch belt, 5 inch deck, 3-12 inch barbettes, 16 inch on turrets, 14.6 inch CT., tons. Crew: 1368.


                                                     Nagato's Aft 16 inch guns, Tokyo Bay September 1945.( U.S. Naval Institute Photo Library)      

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