UNDERWATER IMAGES

"Betty" was the Allied code name for the Mitsubishi G4M bomber. The aircraft was designed in 1939 for the Imperial Japanese Navy. The plane was quite successful during the early part of the war, due its very long range. Later the aircraft was found to be very vulnerable due to the unprotected fuel tanks and easily caught fire.

The G4M was operated throughout the war as both a tactical and torpedo bomber. The wartime photograph above, shows a "Betty" being used as the launch platform for a manned "Baka" bomb. This suicide plane was jet powered, but needed the bomber to carry it within range of the target.

This Truk aircraft wreck crashed on landing approach to Eten Island. Whether it was shot down or crashed is unknown. The engines may be found about 300 feet further towards the island and inline with the old runway.  She now lies in 50 fsw.

Mitsubishi G4M: Crew 7; Wingspan 85 ft.; Length 66 ft.; Height 20 ft.; MATOW 29,000 lbs; Engines 2- 14 cylinder MK4A-11 1530 HP each; Speed 266 mph at 14,000 ft; Ceiling 29,000 ft; Range 1875 NM. Armament: 4 x 12.7mm machine guns, 1 x 20mm cannon, 1-1750 lb bomb.



                                                                      Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn                                  

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