UNDERWATER IMAGES


The Da Na Hino Maru was built in 1935 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for Nihon Shokuen.  During the war she used as an island transport for the Japanese Imperial Navy. The freighter was sunk on 1 MAY 1944 during a second set of aircraft carrier raids on the Japanese base at Truk.  This raid was on of many that continued after Operation Hailstorm until the end of the war.

The Da Na Hino Maru  was attacked by aircraft which bombed, rocketed and strafed her.  The force of the explosions has left her totally destroyed from the inside out. Resting on a sloping bottom, the picturesque symbol of Truk Lagoon, now lies on her keel in 30 fsw off Uman Island.

Da Na Hino Maru: Displacement: 999 tons; Length: 200 feet; Beam: 17 feet; Engine:1 diesel; Max Speed: 12.5 kts. Launched: 16 SEP 1935.


                                                    Courtesy-"Hailstorm The Dive Guide" by Klaus Lindemann

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