The Futagami was a Hashima Class salvage tug built for the Imperial Japanese Navy and launched 1939. She was built by Harima Sanbashi Company of Aioi.  The vessel was equipped with two 2-ton and one 5-ton salvage derricks. She also carried de-watering salvage pumps.  The tug's official designation was "Kyunan-sen ken Eisen".

The Futagami Harbor Tug is a little known wreck of unknown history and cause of loss. The wreck starts in shallow water, at the stern and descends to 100 fsw at the bow. The tug contains some interesting artifacts, but itís location at the mouth of Dublonís river leads to poor visibility. She now lies in 100 fsw. 

IJN FUTAGAMI  HASHIMA CLASS FLEET SALVAGE TUG: Displacement: 625 tons; Length: 131 feet; Beam 32 feet; Engine: 2 coal/heavy oil fired reciprocating engines, 2 shafts; Max Speed: 14.5 kts.  Mission: Salvage. Armament: 2-25 MM anti-aircraft guns; depth charges. Crew: 59. Launched: 1939.



                                                                      Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn 

                                                                                MORE TRUK LAGOON  "GHOST FLEET"