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The Hanakawa Maru was built in 1943 by the Kawasaki Dockyard as special transport for the Japanese Imperial Navy. The Standard B freighter served from 25 October 1943 until being sunk on the second day of the "Hailstone" raids.

During the air strikes, Hanakawa Maru  was attacked by aircraft from the carriers Bunker Hill and Cowpens.  An Avenger torpedo bomber from the Bunker Hill sunk her with a torpedo hit on her starboard bow and set her cargo of gasoline ablaze.  She now lies in 110 fsw on her keel off Tol Island.

Hanakawa Maru: Displacement: 4,793 tons; Length: 368 feet; Beam: 52 feet; Engine: 1 coal fired turbine; Max Speed: 15 kts. Launched: 31 AUG 1943.


                                Courtesy-"Hailstorm The Dive Guide" by Klaus Lindemann

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