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                                                                             UNDERWATER IMAGES

The Momokawa Maru was built in 1940, as a timber transport. Her peacetime service consisted of carrying lumber from Siberia to Japan. The Japanese Navy took control of her in late 1943 and utilized her as a bulk cargo carrier.

During the "Hailstone" attack, Momokawa Maru was bombed by aircraft from the carrier Bunker Hill. In their strike reports they indicated they had hit a large freighter that exploded and sank during the raid.

The Momokawa Maru was found by Klaus Lindemann in 1982. She now rests at a maximum depth of 120 fsw.

Momokawa Maru: Displacement: 3,829 tons; Length: 352 feet; Beam: 50 feet; Engine: 1 turbine steam / coal; Max Speed: 14.9 kts. Launched: 17 AUG 1940.


                                                                             Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn

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