SANKISAN MARU             

                                                                                     UNDERWATER IMAGES

The Sankisan Maru was built in 1942 by the Harima Dockyard for the Kaburagi Kisen Line as a passenger transport. The Japanese Navy took control of her in October 1943 and converted her to a military transport for use in moving special cargo.

The Sankisan Maru is one of the most interesting wrecks in the lagoon, but little is known of her short history. The entire aft section of the ship is completely gone and it is thought that a bomb, in her ammunition laden aft hold, led to her sinking. She now lies in 155 fsw.

Sankisan Maru: Displacement: 4,776 tons; Length: 367.5 feet; Beam: 51.8 feet; Engine: 1 coal driven turbine; Max Speed: 15.8 kts. Launched: 29 JAN 1942.

                                                Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn

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