SHOTAN MARU                                                

                                                                 UNDERWATER IMAGES

The Shotan Maru was built during the war for the Matsuoka Kisen Line as a medium freighter. Very little is known about the ship other than that she was of War Standard 1-D design.

Shotan Maru is one of the few ships that was not sunk at anchor during the "Hailstone" attack. Her position in the lagoon and orientation suggest that the crew was trying to beach her when she sank. However Navy "Helldiver" aircraft were successful in getting a direct hit in the aft hold.

The Shotan Maru was found by Klaus Lindemann in 1980 and  now rests along the side of an underwater mountain rests at a maximum depth of 150 fsw.

Shotan Maru: Displacement: 1,999 tons; Length: 286 feet; Beam: 43 feet; Engine: 1 coal fired steam engine; Max Speed: 10 kts.


                                                                       Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn

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