SUTSUKI PATROL BOAT NO. 34                                                                                                                         UNDERWATER IMAGES

The Sutsuki was a Momi Class destroyer built for the Imperial Japanese Navy  in the early 1920's. Originally one of the fastest ships of their period, they were top heavy and could only be used as a second class destroyer or torpedo boat. Although nearly obsolete at the start of the war, the Imperial Japanese Navy decided their speed would be useful in reinforcing their forces at Guadalcanal. Several of the vessels were converted to carry Daihatsu landing craft on the stern.

During the war Sutsuki participated as part of the famed "Tokyo Express" to relieve Japanese forces engaged in the battle for Guadalcanal. During this period she was heavily damaged and later was further damaged in a collision with the target ship Yakaze.

Although records are scarce, Sutsuki appears to have escaped any damage during the "Hailstone" attack. However, she was destroyed by a fire the following July and now lies in 50 fsw.

IJN SUTSUKI PATROL BOAT: Displacement: 935 tons; Length: 280 feet; Beam: 26 feet; Engine: 2 turbines, 2 shafts; Max Speed: 35 kts. Mission: Transport. Crew: 110.

                                                                    Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn

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